Bench Marketing :

Hire one or more SALES CONSULTANTS from our team who do Bench Marketing for you representing themselves as your own staff. Forward all your bench candidate profiles to them, our people would be in regular contacts with you by phone, email and instant messenger updating you each and every phase of the sales work being done, with regular reporting.

Our Sales Consultants are IT tech savvies making it sure that the profiles they are marketing suits best to the requirements they are applying to, means definite shots for the interviews. They have knack of convincing skills in rate negotiations, post submission follow-ups etc. They would be in regular touch with consultants being marketed to find their comfort level with the requirement and location, and also regarding regular updating of their resumes.

Apart from the job portals, we use a lot of other means and resources to find the best suited requirements, such as our vast database of recruiter/vendor contacts, web groups, Instant Messengers, social networking websites etc. And moreover, we would keep everything transparent for you.

Benefits :
  • 70%-80% cost reduction as we work as per USA/off shore market pays
  • Avail the benefits of our internal recruiting products such as huge resume bank, Vendor lists to blast all of your requirement s and hotlists etc.
  • No payroll run, no benefits/commissions paid; no infrastructure/instrument cost, no utility bills such internet, electricity, phones, etc.
  • Vast and active recruiting database for the both - Requirements and Bench marketing/hotlist distribution.